Whenever I need to communicate in one sentence what NACHWELT 2018 is all about, I usually say something like: “It’s like The Walking Dead, but without zombies and in Germany.”
However, that is not quite the whole truth, because NACHWELT 2018 has got a very own and quite dark edge.
But of course, there are parallels. The destroyed, post-apocalyptic world, the various groups of survivors with their very own interests and ways of dealing with the collapse. The almost complete decline of civilization, the relapse into archaic behavior, and the inner conflicts that arise in the characters – all these images of decay and the brutalization that make postapocalyptic settings so exciting.
Similar to “Diary of the Apocalypse,” my story is initially written in first-person perspective (changes later on), but the inspirations are a bit more diverse. We have the elements of the zombie genre, we have Mad Max and S.t.a.l.k.e.r, we have some “Metro 2033” and much more.
All this mixes up into an arc that actually fits more to a fantasy novel. The quest, the dangerous way to Mordor – everything that I think is awesome, can also be found here, told in its own way.
Rugged, tragic and drastic, sometimes over-the-top, cruel, bloody and somehow noir.


coming soon