Billy Summers → A professional wants out … and then things happen! A Thriller by Stephen King

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Billy Summers

-> A professional wants out!

Genre: Thriller
Author: Steven King

What’s going on here? What’s it all about?

“Billy Summers” by Steven King – here the master does not resort to monsters or other supernatural entities, but delivers a damn straight thriller.
The main character Billy Summer goes through several transformations in the course of the story and is pretty much the archetype of an (anti) hero.

So what exactly is the story about?

Billy is a war veteran and hitman with a code of honor. As befits a hero, he only kills bad guys. But even that gets to on him at some point, and he decides to get out of the death business. The next assignment is supposed to be his last.
Now Billy not only has a code of honor, but is also a complete professional who meticulously prepares for his jobs. Under a fake identity (writer, haha, wink-wink) he waits for the arrival of his victim. He sweetens the waiting time by actually starting to write, and with his moemories the reader travells into the hero’s past. Cool!
Maybe his writing is why he doesn’t realize  that he’s being fooled until it’s too late and that he himself has become a target. To make matters worse, he also runs into troubled Alice and takes care of her. From this point on, the plot picks up full speed.

King takes a lot of time to build up the scenery and the practical side of such a contract killing and also for describin Billies thoughts, past and personality. That’s how you know our King. Some like it, others think it’s dull. I like it! 🙂

What makes this book special?

As always with King: depth and details!

Last words, Bruckmann?

If you don’t need a quick action-fix but want to dive into the mind of a professional killer, you should get it! King fans anyway!

Please note: This is not a review in the strictest sense, but really more of a reading tip. All books presented in this section meet my individual taste and have been found worthy by me. Fortunately, this is all the raison d’être needed here on



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