Lesung von Georg Bruckmann im Rahmen des Dark-Art-Events Darkerkant

Dank an Marina Schreckling / Darkerkant, dass ich hier vorlesen durfte! http://schreckling-paintings.de / https://www.facebook.com/Darkerkant/ Foto: https://www.facebook.com/culturalartifact/

Georg Bruckmann was born on a frosty winter day in Rohan / Middle-earth. As soon as he could sit in the saddle without endangering himself, he set off for Hyboria to experience adventures and claim his place at the court of King Conan.
Unfortunately, a sinister intrigue soon forced him to leave the continent and to emigrate to Lartroxia. Also there he left after some accomplished exploits and raids in the neighboring countries. At this stage of his life, he realized that he probably would not settle anywhere.
He roamed the Island of Blood and the desert planet Dune, was digitized in Otherland and knows the name of the wind.

A short time later, he completed his training as a Viper pilot on the Galactica, but was relieved of his post due to a stormy affair with a red-clad Cylon. Probably because of the proximity, he joined the mobile infantry and participated in the Bug Wars. Afterwards he trained budding Jedis on the lightsaber and in the art of the absurd imagination. Several years later, the veteran could be found in Hogwarts, where he studied magic.

He used the knowledge gained there to find, open and pass through the secret gates to R’lyeh and Atlantis.

Since then Bruckmann has never stayed in the same place for a long time, and only the great old ones know what he saw in R’lyeh.

He delves into this or that world, analyzes thought constructs and rummages in the minds and minds of those who fascinate him and sometimes, sometimes he writes down his experiences and shares them with those who long for distant, other worlds just like him.

Here again a little less bloated:

Reading has captivated me since childhood, and somehow it has always been the dramatic, gloomy and larger-than-life that fascinated me. I think I read the Lord of the Rings 3 times before I was 13 years old. With puberty, I additionally consumed everything that was considered “hardcore” back then … Stephen King, Koontz, Brett Easton Ellis, and many, many more.

My taste in terms of movies, literature has not changed significantly until today and so it happened that at some point – more on a whim, and initially rather reserved – I decided to write myself.

I present the results of my efforts on this page.