DIRTY LITTLE WARLOCK – 1100+ Free Electric Guitar Samples and Patch for Reason´s NN-XT-Sampler! Horns up!





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The free DIRTY LITTLE WARLOCK SAMPLE-PACK by Georg Bruckmann contains over 1100 individual samples, recorded with a BC Rich Warlock electric guitar and a patch for Reasons NN-XT sampler, in which most of the samples are already mapped ready for use. The size of the complete zip archive is approximately 350 megabytes.



Single notes



Vibratos / Bendings

Third harmonies

Flageolettes as well as

right out noises


(44,1KHz /16bit, 164 MB)



(Only makes sense if you already are a Reason user, 196 MB)



Unfortunately I could not make WordPress accept the complete archive due to file size issues and had to divide it into two parts. But maybe this way the user experience got a little better … 🙂

Here a little example of what you can do with the samples: Another Kind Of Sandman (Youtube)

What is DLW NOT?

It is not a virtual instrument that you can use with a DAW of your choice right from the start. I’m quite a Reason fan myself and hardly ever use any other software or VST instruments for my music.
I mainly made the included patch for myself. So if you want to use the samples within Cubase, Reaper, Logic and all the other DAWs, you will (currently …) have to do the work of setting up the samples yourself.
This can take a lot of time, but you can not only shape the sound as you like by adding your own ampsims and plugins, you can also set up your patch in a way that is most useful to you and your way of working. 🙂

What can you find here?

As already written above, there are around 1100 individual samples, unprocessed, i.e. straight from Agent Starling’s – my old Warlock´s – hot output jack. The samples are available in 44.1 kHz / 16 bit mono. The samples are not cut particularly cleanly or evenly (we are talking the milliseconds until the first transient …), and that on purpose. My goal was and is to be able to create an authentic, dirty rock and metal sound on the computer. Timing differences and a little noise here and there are definitely desirable. If it is a little too much for you, you can take remedial action yourself. Either by manual cutting the sample or by setting more appropriate attack and release times.

With the NN-XT patch, at least Reason users already have a decent lead in terms of their first experiments.

Why all this?

At first it was just an experiment born out of frustration and boredom, but now I’m really up for it. I will definitely use the patch and the samples myself and will probably repeat the process with my other guitars. I know for most rockers and metalheads “handmade” is the top priority, and rightly so. On the other hand, one shouldn’t forget that with productions above a certain threshold, technical help is always given in order to properly polish up not only the sound, but also the performance of the musicians.

However, productions do not have to be the primary purpose of this download. Give it a try … every bet you come up with completely new ideas if you compose and for once don’t hold your instrument in your hands. This way, there are no limits and restrictions given by your current capabilities. You can go mad, speaking creatively … and ultimately nothing prevents you from practicing properly afterwards, be it for a recording or for a gig. And there, Midi is pretty much unbeaten, because you can start slowly and gradually increase the speed of the piece without much loss of sound. And if things properly shred instead of bleeping and beeping – so much the better! 🙂

Who is the sample pack intended for?

On the one hand, of course, for guitar players who don’t have a guitar with them at the moment. But of course non-guitarists can also have good ideas (sometimes …) that they want to show to their bandmates. Even pure “electronics technicians” might be happy to be able to make a little noise. Composing together over the internet? Also conceivable … like Guitar-Pro, just sounds better …

Why is the guitar called “Agent Starling”?

I will not tell. But my ugly baritone is called Berta. 🙂

What can I do with the samples (license issues)?

In short: Everything you want – in a creative way. If you publish music that you have made using the samples, I would be very happy if you gave credit, with link if possible, but that’s about it, crediting is not required. Fame, honor and riches belong to you alone!

You are also welcome to host the original zip file yourself and send it around the world.

However, you are not allowed to rename or alter it and / or present it as a result of your own work.

What´s also forbidden is to distribute the samples commercially and without any artistic or musical creation of your own. Changes on the technical level are not an excuse on this point. Re-cutting the samples, EQing them differently or using them commercially in any other technically modified form and releasing them as a separate product simply would be theft.

How can I say thank you?

If you really want to, you can buy me a virtual coffee or take a look at my books.

Still, if that is not a thing for you, I hope you enjoy the samples, and if something audible comes out of your efforts, please let me know. Would be very happy to hear your works. 🙂

You can find all the necessary links here: LINKTREE or by exploring this website.

Have Fun with the Samples! 🙂