Rats of the Ruins – A Postapocalyptic Thriller Series

A postapocalyptic thriller series!

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… deep, frightening and full of suspense …” ****

World War III turned the world into a post-apocalyptic field of debris. The few survivors have gathered in small communities and struggle within the ruins and devastated land for their meager livelihood. Marauding gangs, wild animals, deadly radiation and the hellish legacies of war are just some of the dangers facing them.

In Rome, a mad priest is gathering a horde of raiders and his influence has already spread across Europe. His disciples murder and pillage in the name of his mad gospel, and few have the strength to stand in their way.

In the midst of anarchy, despair and decay, there arises a conflict, the outcome of which will determine the future path of mankind.

How far will one go to survive?

How far will one go in the name of the good cause?


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– SIEGE – Rats of the Ruins – Book two of the post-apocalyptic series.

The noose around Ivan’s camp in the main station is tightening each day.

While the prisoners are planning their escape, Ivan seems to slowly but surely lose his mind.
Rolf, his captain, ruthlessly tries to maintain the old order, while the Cardinal’s degenerate henchmen pact with Ivan’s enemies and advance.

And then there are some who have their own plans.

“SIEGE” seamlessly continues “SLAVERS”.

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– Blood, Winter and a Tank –

Book 3 of the post-apocalyptic thriller “Rats of the Ruins”.

With a small group of redsleeves the prisoners managed to leave the station and Frankfurt behind for good.

But it’s not just the winter cold and the ubiquitous fear that are afflicting the group. Wanda’s unconditional will to move south and put an end to the Cardinal causes serious tension in the group.

Mistakes are made.

Mistakes that demand their toll of blood.

“BLOOD ties in seamlessly with “SIEGE“.

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 CIRCLE – Rats of the Ruins

Book 4 of the postapocalyptic series.

” … profound, terrifying and haunting…” ****

Wanda proceeds on her quest for revenge, taking Mariam with her. On their way to Rome they meet the “Motorized”, a group of survivors who have made it their mission to minimize the dangers posed by the legacies of the former human civilization. The group led by Armin is not exactly squeamish when it comes to dealing with opossition …

Shepard recovers from injury and illness and sets off to prepare the polyclinic for future dangers together with Gustav.

In the midst of anarchy, despair and decay, there arises a conflict, the outcome of which will determine the future path of mankind.


“CIRCLE” ties in seamlessly with “BLOOD”.

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Book 5 of the postapocalyptic series.

In “TUNNEL” the end-time drama about Schütze, Rolf, Wanda and Mariam is seamlessly continued.

While Rolf tries to lead the former slaves of the fanatical degenerates in Frankfurt out of the city and towards freedom, Schütze seems powerless against the sadism of the deserters in Viernheim.
Mariam and Wanda set off with some of Armin’s motorized men, travelling through contaminated territory toward Brenner-Pass to eventually reach Rome. As events unfold, they all encounter new challenges and face deadly dangers. Intrigues are spun and relationships are put to the test. Bloody power struggles emerge within the degenerate pack, while the final confrontation with the mad Cardinal Da Silva seems closer than ever before.

If you love postapocalyptic settings and dystopia in general, if you love hard action and sometimes like to explore the dark within us all, this is the right book for you!
A post-apocalyptic thriller series for fans of the depressing gloom of Dmitri Gluchowski’s “Metro 2033” novels or “The Last of Us”, for friends of stoic, grim anti-heroes on the verge of sanity and the radiation-infested madness of “Mad Max” or “Fallout”!

From “Lord of the Flies” to “The 100” to the “Tributes of Panem.”
What are people willing to do to protect themselves and those they love?
What comes to light when instances of control no longer exist and barbaric behavior is rewarded?
The Gospel of Madness shows how thin and fragile the coating of our civilized behavior really is.

“TUNNEL” ties in seamlessly with “CIRCLE”.


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In “ARENA” the dark post-apocalyptic adventure series about Shepard, Rolf, Wanda and Mariam comes to an end. Book 6 of the post-apocalyptic series.

Pursued by a mysterious shadow in the sky, Shepard has not given up hope of finding Wanda and Mariam again and makes his way south.
In the Black Forest he meets new friends, enemies and unexpected allies. He will need them, because vengeful degenerates are after him, and they are coming closer.
Wanda’s group is heading towards its inevitable destiny. The final confrontation with Cardinal Da Silva is imminent. But Wanda’s chances are slim and internal conflicts threaten to destroy the group.

 Rats of the Ruins – the endtime series takes (almost) no prisoners in its final XL volume.
With the graphic harshness of the Red Rising trilogy, the merciless consistency of Game of Thrones and the crushing hopelessness of “When the Wind Blows,” the dark epic about Cardinal Da Silva, Mariam, Shepard and Wanda is brought to an end – albeit differently than most might have expected.

“ARENA” ties in seamlessly with “TUNNEL”.

«The Gospel of Madness» is a grim-dark and pessimistic glance in a possible future and upon the ways of men.

Reader´s Voices

– I’ve read a lot of post-apocalyptic books and I especially like this series. It’s written in an exciting way and you really get drawn in. At first it may seem challenging that there are two narrative strands, but in the following volumes it becomes obvious why. Can recommend all without reservation …

– Finally, an end-time epic in which the protagonists are not too stupid to close the door behind them and are then overrun by zombies. If you like decent plots, you really can enjoy this novel and enjoy the apocalypse!

– Thrilling with a desire for more was clearly my first emotion after I finished the first book.


“It’s like The Walking Dead, but without zombies and in Germany.”
However, that is not quite the whole truth, because Rats of the ruins has got a very own and quite dark edge.
But of course, there are parallels. The destroyed, post-apocalyptic world, the various groups of survivors with their very own interests and ways of dealing with the collapse. The almost complete decline of civilization, the relapse into archaic behavior, and the inner conflicts that arise in the characters – all these images of decay and the brutalization that make postapocalyptic settings so exciting.
Similar to “Day By Day Armageddon,” my story is initially written in first-person perspective (changes later on), but the inspirations are a bit more diverse. We have the elements of the zombie genre, we have Mad Max and S.t.a.l.k.e.r, we have some “Metro 2033” and much more.
All this mixes up into an arc that actually fits more to a fantasy novel. The quest, the dangerous way to Mordor – everything that I think is awesome, can also be found here, told in its own way.
Rugged, tragic and drastic, sometimes over-the-top, cruel, bloody and somewhat noir.