Ghost Dogs On The Loose! Horror-Thriller Loopgod/Doomdog Out Now!

Kindle Ebook / Paperback


– Snuff and Dogs and Rock’n’Roll –

A hardcore horror thriller

Gruesome murders and a series of unexplained accidents shake Gullton, the place next to which Sin City looks like a convent school.
Detective Deckard keeps stumbling across new inconsistencies and mysteries as he investigates, and everything points to underworld kingpin Nero Roberts being involved.
His sister Melissa searches for a runaway, while a young nurse encounters a woman who will change his life irrevocably. A band named after a Stephen King story sets out to make it big and a devil meets his mistress.
All this is brought to a boiling point in the diabolical witch’s cauldron called Gullton City and served up by forces beyond the earthly with a spiteful grin.

Not for the faint of heart!

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