N´amercaá …

... tales from the city that never does forgive.

My humble prostration before the low-fantasy gods of my youth – Robert E. Howard and Karl Edward Wagner. Back in the day (sigh …) when I still had time to indulge in pen&paper roleplaying and sometimes larping – even then I liked it hard and gritty. Flowing boundaries between good and evil. Morally gray. Rogues in dark alleys. Harlots with poison on their lips. Dark wizards with secret agendas. The light of torches glaring on blades and chain mail. Conscienceless mercenaries and a huge black magic conspiracy.

All this can be found in N’amercaá – Isiis´ Song


N’amercaá – Isii’s Song

Surrounded by stormy seas, the huge island city rises into the gray sky. Babylonian and proud, it is a crazy conglomeration of streets and alleys, of stairways and palaces, of temples, towers, ramparts and dungeons.
The young thief Igben begins to investigate on his own when he finds his landlady horribly murdered. Soon he comes across the trail of mainland invaders, sinister rituals and dark magic.
Pirate, mercenary and gambler Kaan and the bathing girl Lyrr are also drawn into the maelstrom of events from which there is no escape, while Rigon, duelist of House Saltkraken tries to take his fate into his own hands.
Their lives and the fortunes of the merciless city and its immortal king become intertwined as forces clash, that are as old as humanity itself.

Reader’s Comments:

“I was immediately caught up in the action of the story.”

“What really got me was the attention to detail.”

“(Grim) Dark Fantasy that often scrapes the edge of horror, yet occasionally allows humor to shine through. Highly recommended to fans of, for example, Ambercrombie and the “Blade” novels.”

“Consistently, he creates a scenario that is simply sickening. The town, the people, the circumstances, and finally the murders are just nauseating – and thus exert a certain fascination.”

“I hope there will be some more episodes coming soon that take us to N’amercaá. High praise to the author. Anyone who likes Dark Fantasy…should give this one a try.”