N´amercaá …

... tales from the city that never does forgive.

My humble respects before the low-fantasy gods of my youth – Robert E. Howard and Karl Edward Wagner. Back then (sigh …), when I still had time to indulge in pen & paper role-playing and sometimes even to do some larping – already then I liked it dark and gritty.
Flowing boundaries between good and evil.
Morally gray.
Rogues in dark streets. Whores with poison on their lips.
Spooky wizards with a secret agenda.
The light of the torches breaking on the blades and chain mail.
Unscrupulous mercenaries and a huge black magic conspiracy.
All this can be found in N’amercaá – tales from the city that never does forgive. A patchwork of single stories portrays this dark, labyrinthine island nation, which never forgives any mistake.
Hope to release in early 2019.
Update: Hope to release in 2019. 😉